Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holder for Your Reading Device

Felt(Gray,Yellow,and Black)
Sewing Machine

Cut out these peices.
The rectangle is 2 3/4 by 2 inches.

Sew the face like this.

Sew velcro on top of one of the rectangles.

Sew the face to the other rectangle so it is like a flap.

Sew the rectangle with the velcro on
the other rectangle so there is a pocket on the top.

You are done!

Monday, January 7, 2013

HTM a Reading Device for 18'' doll

Things Needed
Tissue paper
any Paper with words
Tape (optional)

                                 Cut a 2 1/2'' by2'' piece of cardboard 
                               and cover it with the writing paper.
                                                Make sure the words are going the right way!

Cover backside with tissue paper and cut with a little extra on the edge.

Fold up edges and glue.
Tada you are done!

If using tape just tape the edges and back 
after adding the words.