Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DIY Reusable To Do List


Picture frame
Patterned Paper
Things To Decorate With
( Washi tape, Stamps, Markers, ect..)

My picture frame came with a insert. So i'm going to glue my paper to this. If yours doesn't come with
this then you just going to have to cut your paper to the correct size.

Cover your insert with paper and I taped the edges on the back side.

My paper didn't cover the whole thing so I cut a strip and put it up against the rest of the paper
and did the same as on the other piece.

Now its time to decorate!!

This is what I did. The To Do is taped so it stays down, and the mustache is a stamp that I colored 
in with marker to make it darker.

Here is the finished project. You can write on the glass with dry erase marker so it's like a 
white board. You can make it smaller and put in your locker.