Monday, January 7, 2013

HTM a Reading Device for 18'' doll

Things Needed
Tissue paper
any Paper with words
Tape (optional)

                                 Cut a 2 1/2'' by2'' piece of cardboard 
                               and cover it with the writing paper.
                                                Make sure the words are going the right way!

Cover backside with tissue paper and cut with a little extra on the edge.

Fold up edges and glue.
Tada you are done!

If using tape just tape the edges and back 
after adding the words.


  1. Pretty cute lil book you made there. I have seen some of the stuff you sew for your dolls on your Mom's blog, you have some serious crafty skills there! Congrats on the blog!

  2. That is so cute, it is a great idea. It is interesting to think of the accessories that go with dolls these days. I would have never dreamed up the amazing technology that is here... and of course the dolls can't miss out can it can they? Good job, you are going to
    love having a blog. Our son Eddie had one for a little while when we were homeschooling him. Now he loves to come and see what is happening on my blog, and will check on his, even though he hasn't posted in a couple of years. It has allowed him to enjoy it when I do it. I look forward to your future posts.


  3. What a cute blog you made! I love love love visiting your Mom and your family has such a fun interesting life! Really enjoyed getting to read about your lives in Bahrain! So glad when you got to come "home". You have such a wonderful crafty talent! Like Mother/Like Daughter! You are just too cute! Love watching you grow up!

  4. Well done!! Love the polkadots! Looking forward to showing my girls all the neat things you make.